Who We Are


Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool was established in 1959 as a part of the outreach ministry of Peachtree Presbyterian Church.  The Preschool was created to provide an early childhood education program of the highest quality, founded on a firm commitment to God and a dedication to the highest professional standards.  A separately incorporated non-profit, charitable organization overseen by a Board of Trustees, the Preschool serves at the pleasure of the Session of Peachtree Church.  Now in its sixty-third year, the Preschool maintains its Christ centered mission in its service to families of Peachtree Church and the surrounding community. Admission is open to all children of both Church members and non-members, without regard to race, creed, sex or national origin.

Central to the Preschool's mission are its community outreach activities, which includes support of local charities like Helping Mamas and Giving Grace. Additionally, the Preschool offers enrollment opportunities for neighborhood students through the Church's LaAmistad program and students with special rights through the Inclusion Program. Limited tuition assistance is available to families who demonstrate financial need.

The Preschool programs are keyed to the developmental milestones of its children, recognizing the uniqueness of each child and striving to meet his or her individual needs.  The primary goal of the Preschool is to create an environment in which each child can grow spiritually, physically, socially, cognitively and emotionally and, as a result of his or her first learning experience, begin to develop a sense of wonder, an enjoyment of learning, and a positive attitude toward school.


On September 8, 1959, the Peachtree Presbyterian Weekday Kindergarten opened its doors at the grey stone church building on the corner of Peachtree Road and Mathieson Drive.  Anticipating its upcoming move to new quarters on Roswell Road, the church aimed “…to fulfill more nearly its educational objectives by enabling those children for whom it is responsible to become rightly related to God, to others, and to God’s world,” wrote Christian Education Committee Chairman W.V. Bishop in a letter to the congregation. “We will offer a program of Christian growth and the highest type of kindergarten education….”  The inaugural class included 45 students, all four and five-year-olds, and two teachers. Tuition for church members was $17 a month. Founding Director Helen Shaw, who held a degree from Emory in education, had nine years experience teaching kindergarten in the public school system and had served as a teacher in Peachtree’s Sunday School.

The Preschool continues to be a model of best practices in early childhood education. One of the first preschools in the state to seek accreditation, the Preschool has been accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and is currently accredited by AdvancED.  The school constantly evaluates current theory and practice in early childhood education.  Additionally, the Preschool has an in-house Inclusion Program to provide developmentally appropriate education to children with special needs.


Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool is accredited by Cognia.


The Preschool is also in compliance with all the criteria and standards of the quality set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).