Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool operates as a non-profit organization relying on prepaid tuition for operating expenses.  

Peachtree partners with Blackbaud Tuition Management for student billing. This system allows the school to provide payment options to all families as well as online access to account information, such as billing and payment details.

Please review the tuition and enrollment refund policy listed below.

2023 - 2024 ANNUAL TUITION

Financial Assistance

The Preschool uses Blackbaud Financial Aid Management for the financial assistance process.  Financial assistance is open to children in the Three-year-old, Pre-K, and Five/Six programs. Blackbaud provides a comprehensive application.  To access a tutorial for completing the application, click here.

By submitting your application, you are granting Blackbaud permission to analyze your financial information. The Board of Trustees utilizes the information provided on the application to grant financial assistance.

Go to to create an account. Once you create a username and password, you will receive a verification email. Be advised that if you do not click the verification link that is sent to your email address, you will not be able to log in or reset your password. Enter Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool’s school code 15279.
Select the code that corresponds to your family:

New CM = New Community Member Family
Return CM = Returning Community Member Family
New PCM = New Peachtree Church Member Family
Return PC M= Returning Peachtree Church Member Family
New Staff = New Peachtree Presbyterian Staff Family
Return Stf = Returning Peachtree Presbyterian Staff Family

Documentation should be submitted with the application and must include the Application ID. Applications submitted without documentation will not be processed. Most Recent Pay Stubs and Business Tax Returns are not required, select “Document cannot be provided” for these two documents. Each document must be uploaded separately under the appropriate document type in order for the application to move into the review status.

There is a $45.00 fee per family to submit the application ($55 for business owners).  The
deadline to apply for Financial Aid is March 15, 2023.

If you need additional assistance as you are completing the application, please contact
Blackbaud Financial Aid Management Contact Information

Phone Support: (800)-360-8027

Email Support:

Tuition Refund Policy and Enrollment Contract

Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool is a nonprofit organization and operates solely on funds provided by tuition and fees. Tuition is payable in one payment (April 15) OR three equal payments (April 15, August 15, and November 15).  The application fee of $125.00 per child is non-refundable.  The fact that tuition and fees may be paid in three installments does not constitute a fractional agreement.

I understand that my obligation to pay the tuition for the full academic year is unconditional and that after August 15, no portion of said outstanding tuition will be refunded or canceled in the event of absence or withdrawal of the enrolled student from Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool.

Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool (the Preschool) reserves the right to change school schedules, personnel, policies, procedures, rules, regulations and practices from time to time as the Preschool may determine is appropriate. It is further agreed that enrollment, as specified within this Enrollment Contract, may be cancelled by the parents or guardian in writing prior to August 15, if it becomes necessary to withdraw a child from the Preschool due to relocation outside the metropolitan Atlanta area.

You may receive a tuition refund, less an administrative fee equal to 50% of the total annual tuition amount, and you will be released from any subsequent payments if and only if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. withdrawal of the child is necessitated by the family’s moving outside of the metropolitan Atlanta area;


  1. written notice is given before August 15, (Enrollment/annual tuition received after August 15, is non-refundable regardless of the circumstance);


  1. the resulting opening is filled within the 30-day notification period. 

Upon meeting these conditions, a refund will be mailed to your forwarding address. If enrollment is canceled after August 15, parents or guardian financially responsible for the student are obligated to pay the full annual tuition.   IN accepting the terms of this contract, I commit to a full academic year of tuition.