Parents’ Council

2023 - 2024 Executive Committee & Committee Chairs

Chair: Colleen George 847-609-5666

Chair Elect:  Emily Cook

Afternoon of Stories: Sally McPheely and Erica Sperduto

Ambassadors: Carrie Bazar and Carlisle Moreno

Art Studio: Rankin Langley

Car-line: Julia Koprivnik and Isabel York

Educator Exchange Days: Caroline Grandstaff

Inclusion Parent Mentor: April McKoski

Library/Learning Resources: Sherry Joy and Carolyn Conforti

Outdoor Classroom: Virginia Ermentrout

Community Outreach: Courtney Harcourt  and Eleanor Pond

Food Truck Evening: Katie Manning

Parents' Night Out Coordinator: Kat Goudin and Bridget Patterson

Peachtree Family Festival: Emily Cook and Sarah Seaborn

Pictures:  Merideth Manning, Kohler Sartain, and Lori Vetter 

Teacher Appreciation: Jennifer Clifton, Kathleen Crim, Meredith Steele, and Rachel Stilmar

Visiting Day: Hillary Hils, Allison Kaufmann, and Kristin Steed

Video Chair: Melissa Waldman

Springtime at Peachtree Leadership:

SAP Acquisitions:  Vicki Anderson

SAP Acquisitions:  Kohler Sartain 

SAP Acquisitions: Gabi Grogan 

SAP Acquisitions: Erin Ahrens

SAP Acquistions / Sponsorships: Caroline Wynen 

SAP Sponsorships: Jessi Arthur 

SAP Sponsorships: Ashlie Garland

SAP Graphic Design: Brittany Johnson 

SAP Design: Lindsay Johnson and Elyse Yang


Staff Liaisons: Natalie Albert , Katie Williams,

Katie Manning and Emily Rembert

Staff Liaison (Treasurer): Alison Rubinas 

Board/Committee Descriptions:

Afternoon of Stories: Assist with the planning and execution of the annual Afternoon of Stories. Afternoon of Stories is a one-day event (Sunday, February 26) where Peachtree teachers and community members bring stories to life through storytelling, songs, art and puppets.

Art Studio/Artist Liaison: Assist with various needs of the art studio teachers (including collecting and organizing supplies, preparing materials, photo documentation, etc...). Help coordinate the creation of 2-3 artist collaboration pieces with Preschool classes that will be auctioned at Springtime at Peachtree. Assist with finding the artists, connecting them with a class, and coordinating any necessary supplies needed to create the pieces.

Car-line: Assist with car-line arrival during the beginning of the school year and as needed throughout the school year.

Educator Exchange Days: Assist the Preschool in hosting a program that introduces the Reggio approach to other educators (and parents/other visitors) inviting discussions about the school environment, presentations of work from the classrooms and general reflections of and dialogue among educators.

Library: Restock and organize books, research topics for classrooms, etc... Committee members will sign-up for various times throughout the year to come in and do the re-shelving work.

Outdoor Classroom: Assist the Preschool Naturalist (Cathy Ratigan) with the care and maintenance of the outdoor classroom (could include pruning, weeding, planting, etc) as well as any special building or planting projects.

Community Outreach: Assist with various food, toy, and supply drives throughout the school year. Volunteers will work during carpool to collect items and deliver donations to the various community partners. Also assist with the delivery of the Chapel donations.

Inclusion Parent Mentor: Act as parent liaison with Emma Cutler to support the families whom are part of the Inclusion Program, help coordinate monthly resource meetings, communicate with Springtime at Peachtree chairs regarding program needs, facts, testimonials, and information to support annual fundraiser.

Parent Ambassadors: Help make Peachtree a smaller, more close knit community (than we already are!) by assisting with school-wide initiatives including: nights out, play dates, grade level parties, etc. Also play a role as "Peachtree Pals", welcoming new parents at the beginning of the school year.

Peachtree Family Festival: Jumpies, face painting, ponies, cake walks, and more! This is our annual Spring family carnival full of fun! All parents are encouraged to volunteer at the actual event – it is 100% parent run. Peachtree Family Festival will have very few meetings as most of the work is done individually. A sub-committee is a great way to volunteer with limited time commitment.

Peachtree Pride: Assist in coordinating volunteers for prospective parent tours throughout the year.

Pictures: Assist during Picture Days at the Preschool (when individual pictures are taken of all of the students) and coordinate any additional volunteers needed.

Parents' Night Out Chair: Assist with date and host selection and party planning for the awesome beginning of the year parent parties. Coordinate food/beverage and support hosts through the planning and set up process.

Springtime at Peachtree: Do you love planning a good party – especially one that supports an extraordinary cause? If yes, then this committee is for you! Springtime is the Preschool's annual evening fundraiser that supports the Peachtree's special rights Inclusion Program. Volunteers are needed for all areas of the event – silent and live auction acquisition, marketing, sponsorships, décor, etc... Chairs are responsible for the planning and execution of the event. This is the largest committee, and needs are both big and small. Meetings held regularly between October and March.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation: We LOVE the teachers at Peachtree, and we like to show them just how much with monthly events to say thank you! Each month we host a lunch or breakfast for our teachers and staff. Committee volunteers will sign-up to assist with a few meals throughout the year – some of these are ones where everyone cooks and brings in their items and others are catered (but we still need help with the set-up, etc)... This committee also will recognize teachers on their birthdays and special holidays! This is a great committee for someone who wants to volunteer but is more limited with their available time!

Visiting Day: Assist with planning and execution of the annual visiting day, including coordination of committee chairs, marketing, communication with teachers and staff, set up and break down.

Video Chair: Act as liaison with committee chairs to coordinate, plan and support execution of videos for various needs of the Preschool.

We are looking forward to a great year at the Preschool!  If you have any questions at all about volunteering, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Parents' Council meetings are open to all so please feel free to join us!