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Individual Pictures

September 18, 2023 - September 28, 2023

Picture Schedule:

Monday, September 18

Tuesday, September 19

Wednesday, September 20

Thursday, September 21

Friday, September 22

Monday, September 25
Carlyle/Larson- Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Tuesday, September 26
Carlyle/Dawson/Larson- Tuesday/Thursday

Wednesday, September 27
O’Neill/Ziomek- Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Jared/Jones/Vailes- Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Thursday, September 28
Jones/Vailes- Tuesday/Thursday
O’Neill/Ziomek- Tuesday/Thursday

Best Practices for Pictures from Peachtree photographer – Debbie Sprague
These are just suggestions….
1. On the day of photos, please pack your child a dry snack. Try and stay away from oranges, pouches, juicy items that stain.
2. Keep clothing simple, try to stay away from bold, bright and busy prints. Do keep in mind though, if your child has a favorite character t-shirt/outfit feel free to let them wear it because that is special too because it captures what they loved at the time.
3. For boys, if you are debating between a short option, opt for a short with pockets so that the boys can put their hands in them. Also if boys are in belts, we will guess that they want their shirts tucked in.
4. For littles, I encourage them to have a lovie/blankie in the photos if they want it. Something special about the sweet pictures when they are holding their favorite lovie.
5. If the child has a jacket or sweater you want them to wear in the photo, please let the teacher know so we can make sure they have it for photos.
6. For girls, please make sure if you want your daughters hair pulled back for the photos that is up before school in the style that you want. We will happily fix bows/headbands if they are falling out or not in the right place.
7. In past years, the shots have only been head shots of the kids and shoe choice hasn’t really been important. This year since we are giving more photos there may be a chance for a full body shot. Keep in mind shoe choices if you want them to be in a specific shoe style to go with their clothing.
We will do our best to straighten outfits, tuck in shirts, make hair look great and make sure they don’t have dirty faces or runny noses but anything you can do at home to help is always appreciated. Feel free to mention anything specific to the teachers!