Register for Peachtree Afterschool and Peachtree Pals

The Preschool offers afterschool opportunities, staffed by Peachtree faculty, for children ages two through six. There are two sessions for the 2022-2023 school year. Children bring a lunch, and pick-up is at 1:15 p.m. in the carline. NEW: The Preschool is using a new database for Afterschool and Pals registration.  Families should login to the database using the password you set-up.  If you have any questions regarding the database login, please email –

Session One: Week of September 5 – Week of December 12

CLICK HERE to Register** use the username / password you set-up for the database.

Create – Calling all budding artists! This class is an arts based one where children will discover the different media of paints working on different papers and canvas. Create will be offered Tuesday and Thursday. (Children in Three-year-old and Pre-K program)

FUNdamentals– This class will concentrate on building up basic literacy. Using engaging multi-sensory activities, such as games, stories, and songs, children will be exposed to foundational skills like letter ID, rhyming, sound matching, patterns, number recognition, 1:1 correspondence, sequencing and ordering. FUNdamentals will be offered as a morning session for Five/Six children only on Tuesdays at 7:45 a.m. and Friday afterschool for children in Three-year-old and Pre-K students only. 

Great Outdoors – Children enjoy the Outdoor Classroom where they will encounter everything nature has to offer. Children will experience working in the garden, “cooking” in the Mud Kitchen, sketching the environment, searching for bugs, and caring for the chickens. Great Outdoors will be offered on Monday and Thursday. (Children in Three-year-old, Pre-K, and Five/Six program)

Mindful Movement– Let’s get moving! Mindful Movement offers opportunities to develop a strong connection between the mind and body. The practice is designed to develop focus, physical coordination, and balance energy. One goal is to bring strength and flexibility to ourselves, physically, cognitively, and emotionally. Mindful Movement will be offered on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. (Children in Two-year-old, Three-year-old, Pre-K and Five/Six program)

Outdoor Tinker: Exploration of Simple Tools – This session takes place in both outside and inside studio spaces where children and their friends gather and create. The session supports cognitive learning, negotiating, playing, confidence-building, language development, and creating. Designed encounters with simple machines such as levers, pulleys, wheel and axle, inclined plane, and wedge provide children with opportunities to explore the ways humans discovered easier ways to work. Collaboration and discovery are keywords in this fun, hands-on session. Tinkering will be offered on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. (Children in Three-year-old, Pre-K and Five/Six program)

Purposeful Play – ALL play is purposeful and meaningful for the joy-filled intellectual and social development of children. Purposeful Play will spend most days playing outside (weather permitting). This program is designed with thoughtful encounters, in a variety of play environments, that recognize and support negotiation, problem-solving, building empathy, and developing a growth mindset. Purposeful Play will be offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. (Children in Two-year-old, Three-year-old, and Pre-K program)

Social Detectives – This program is designed to help children develop confident social skills. The class focuses on age-appropriate concepts including sharing, turn-taking, problem-solving, and creating play schemes together with peers. Please email Emma Cutler at before registering. The instructors are inclusion faculty. Social Detectives will be offered on Wednesday and Thursday.(Children in Three-year-old, Pre-K and Five/Six program)

Storytelling and Songs – This program offers children to step into the pages of classic storybooks and help the books come alive with singing, dancing, creating puppets, and making music.  The engaging environment will allow children to embrace their love of music and movement and expose children to new musical instruments. Storytelling and Songs will be offered on Monday and Tuesday. (Children in Two-year-old and Three-year-old program) 

In addition, the Preschool offers an early morning drop-off program called Peachtree Pals.  Peachtree Pals is held daily from 7:45 – 8:45 a.m. and registration is required.  CLICK HERE to register.